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Our Guarantees

T-Squared Building Solutions, Inc. is not your typical contracting company—we care about our clients, and we care about getting the job done right each and every time.
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Our Guarantees To Our Customers

01 We will never assign a profit margin to materials used. Our clients will be treated to our “contractor rates” for all specialty materials, including plumbing and electric fixtures, stone and tiles, etc. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars by shifting this mindset, and allowing them to be the benefactor of these savings.
02 We will never cross a legal line. Our company is licensed, bonded and highly insured.
03 For larger scale projects, clients will accompany our team to all Design Meetings with our vendors, ensuring that project expectations and desires are meet from the very start.
04 The General Contractor will be on-site, visible and available to clients every single day that work is being performed on a project.
05 We will safeguard our clients from the exposure of additional costs that typically accompany large remodeling projects. Our crew has earned a wonderful reputation with regard to this initiative by being absolutely thorough in the construction of our proposals.
06 We will never walk away from a project until our clients are 100 percent happy with the job—guaranteed.